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Done-For-You Marketing
Proven Marketing for EVERY MEDIA: 90 New Patient Calls is COMMONPLACE!

“I have used niche marketing in the past, but NO OTHER SYSTEM gives me the complete package like Dr Joe's System. I have been with his program for the last 5 years and couldn’t be happier with their service and expertise. We’ve surpassed all of my expectations as far as Clincal Results, Quality New Patients and the Easy to Follow System! Simply THE BEST!”

Dr. John Dettmer

Avon, IN

The ORIGINATOR and LEADER in Neuropathy Patient Care

Diagnostic Tools & Procedures
Learn Evidenced Based Exam Procedures that DOCUMENT the BEST way to help patients

Innovative Care Protocols
Researched Protocols and Therapies that allow True Nerve Regeneration in our Patients

Unlimited Online Learning
Our Learning Center is VIRTUAL so you never have to leave home

Monthly Webinars
Keeping you up-to-date with breaking products, procedures and research that grow your practice

Step-by-Step Coaching
We have taught over 700 doctors across the land to Simply and Effectively A.ttract, R.etain and T.reat Neuropathy Patients

"We sell products that create financial benefits to us and our members. Personal joy and satisfaction in their workplaces and heathier, happier patients & their families. Enriching the lives of people connected through us."

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